Client Education

Ensuring a happy and safe home environment

One of the goals at Animal Hospital of Ludington, besides keeping your animals in tip-top health, is to help create the steadfast bonds between pet owners and their furry family members. This heartfelt mission includes client education.  

With decades of experience helped to foster our opinion, we feel that informed pet parents have the happiest, healthiest four-footed companions. A topic we are asked about frequently is ensuring that pets get along with younger children. Safety is a normal concern – and setting boundaries is key. 

Learning dog’s body language is very important to maintaining a safe and harmonious household. We feel that this video does a great job of illustrating behaviors to look for that might precede a bite.  It’s been reported that 77% of dog bites to children happen with a family or friend’s dog. To do better, let’s learn the body language that communicates when dogs are uncomfortable. 

We welcome your questions and a dialogue to continue the discussion at your next visit. Keeping all the two- and four-footed family members safe is our ultimate wish. 

Click here to watch Subtle Signs of Stress video.

  • What our clients have to say…

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