At Animal Hospital of Ludington, we take your pet’s good health seriously. We don’t just want to be here for you when your pet is sick or injured. We want to become your trusted partner in everything pet related. Our friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled staff wants to get to know you and your animal companion and to form a lifelong bond that will help us manage their health over time, preventing illness and helping to improve the chances of a long, healthy life.

We have a collection of services that is comprehensive enough to provide for just about any need that might arise for your pet. Whether it’s a wellness exam, an x-ray, an orthopedic surgical procedure or simply a consultation to make sure your companion is receiving the right nutritional balance, we’re prepared to work with you every step of the way to see to it that your pet receives everything he or she needs throughout their life.

Through cutting edge technology, modern equipment and a commitment to continuing education for our staff, you can feel confident that your pet will always receive the highest quality care and attention each and every time you visit. It’s our promise to you!

The comprehensive animal health care services available to our patients include but are not limited to: