Our Careteam

Ashley Hagan
Office Manager & Veterinary Assistant
Ashley’s love for pets was instilled in her by her grandmother, a huge animal-lover herself. Ashley has also always been fascinated by the world of medicine and science ever since she can remember. By working to better the lives of pets as a member of the veterinary profession, she gets to combine the best of both worlds! Ashley is a proud member of the hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Ashley is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, and moved to Ludington in May of 2019. It wasn’t long before she had signed on at the Animal Hospital of Ludington as a Veterinary Assistant. Ashley couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in veterinary medicine here at the clinic! She is particularly fond of helping with surgeries, studying samples in the lab, and helping owners with preventative care. Most of all, Ashley likes learning more on a daily basis in order to best serve the area’s adorable four-legged companions.

When she’s not at work, Ashley likes exploring her new town, taking photographs, and spending time with her family. She has two cats at home: Dexter, who mostly keeps to himself but enjoys the occasional cuddle; and a quirky Calico named Dumplin’ who can’t get enough attention.
Tashina Powers
Senior Veterinary Assistant
Tashina has spent time around animals since the day she was born, including dogs and cats, horses, cows, pigs, hamsters, and fish. She’s always felt an innate connection with pets, and she wanted to serve as an advocate for those who can’t always speak up for themselves. That’s why Tashina decided to become a veterinary professional!

Tashina is originally from Custer and joined the Animal Hospital of Ludington’s care team as a Veterinary Assistant in the summer of 2018. She’s been caring for pets here ever since! Tashina finds that she has special passions for anesthesia and surgical work, and she loves to constantly learn something new. Above all, she likes knowing that she’s able to make a lasting difference for the families of the community.

When she’s not at work, Tashina can be found reading, watching classic Disney movies, kayaking, and spending quality time with her family. She has one dog at home: Jake, a Labrador mix who recently learned how to use his inside voice.
McKenna Eldredge
Veterinary Assistant
Animals have always been a central part of McKenna’s life. Growing up in the country, she and her siblings had to make their own fun, which usually consisted of playing with their many pets. There were dogs and cats, rabbits and hamsters. Eventually, McKenna started her own hobby farm, complete with horses, goats, chickens, ducks and cows. As an adult, her love and compassion for all living creatures led her to a career in veterinary medicine. She is thrilled to be living her lifelong dream!

McKenna’s journey officially began at a local kennel, where she gained invaluable experience and fostered her desire to learn more. She joined Animal Hospital of Ludington in June of 2022. As a veterinary assistant, McKenna has a particular interest in preventative care and laboratory work. She loves the fact that every day is different and an opportunity to learn something new.

In May of 2022, McKenna married her best friend, Kevin. Together, they have one dog - a golden retriever named Dallas, and three cats: Louise, Millie, and Karl. Dallas is a total mama’s boy and has mastered the art of persuasion through the use of puppy dog eyes. The cats are independent, but occasionally enjoy cuddling, as long as it’s on their terms.

Outside of work, you can usually find McKenna in the barn with her horses, Peach and Dot. Her other hobbies include going for walks at the state park or beach, taking photographs, and finding new crafts to try.
Sara Nelson
Veterinary Assistant
Sara grew up in the country outside of Ludington with her parents and two brothers, and spent much of her childhood exploring the great outdoors. It wasn’t hard to develop a love for the earth’s creatures early on in life. Sara has always known that she would enjoy working hands-on to better the lives of pets! She’s able to do just that every day as a member of the hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Sara used to work in the restaurant industry but knew that she wanted to do something more personally rewarding. She knew that veterinary care was her true calling! Sara joined the team here at the Animal Hospital of Ludington and now serves as a Veterinary Assistant—she loves the new challenges she faces every day, and finds that one of her favorite parts of the job is the way it constantly keeps her on her toes. Sara also loves to meet new pets and animal owners on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Sara likes paddle-boarding in the summers, reading, going for hikes with her dogs, and spending quality time with her friends and family. She and her husband have two canine companions at home, Rhyno and Millie, who are best friends and are rarely found apart.
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