Tips For Teaching Your Kitten Good Petiquette

Did you recently bring a kitten into your family? Congratulations! These furry little creatures are not only fun and endearing, they can also be quite a handful. Your new feline companion is full of curiosity, bravery, and vitality, which creates an enchanting yet potentially dangerous dynamic. However, adopting a kitten is not just about enjoying their playful antics. This stage of your pet’s life plays a crucial role in their physical, mental, and emotional growth. Therefore, it is essential to instill good behavior in your furry friend from an early age. A local Ludington, MI veterinarian has shared some valuable tips to assist you with this task in this article.


How Do I Take Good Care Of A Kitten?


It isn’t hard to give your pet proper care: good food, clean litter, fresh water, and proper veterinary care will cover the basics. Little Fluffy also needs toys, beds, and something to climb or explore. 


You’ll need to take your tiny friend to the vet a few times this year: microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, parasite control, and more. If your Ludington, MI veterinarian gives you the thumbs up after your kitten’s exam, you’re doing great! 


Can I Raise My Kitten To Be Cuddly?


Our furry friends have their own purrsonalities. Some are little cuddle bugs, while others are more aloof. While Fluffy’s breed does play a role here, the way she is raised is also a huge factor. Early socialization is crucial. Fortunately, it’s usually pretty easy to win a kitten over. It is important for cats to feel loved, safe, and cared for. In fact, they think of us as their second parents. (Fluffy also thinks we are her maid, cook, and butler, but that’s another topic.)


Spend plenty of quality time with your kitten. If she wants to curl up on your lap, indulge her. Stroke her gently, and just talk to her quietly. Chances are, she’ll start her motor right away!


Just don’t forget the golden rule: never force attention on a cat. If you make Fluffy submit to being petted or held, you’ll end up doing more harm than good. Let her decide when snuggle time starts and ends.


Why Do Kittens Knead?


This is a cute, if slightly painful, way of expressing affection. Kittens knead their mothers while nursing, as it stimulates the flow of milk. This seems to just be a very warm, cozy moment for kitties. They also tend to purr while nursing. (Fun fact, purring is believed to have been developed as a way for mothers and babies to communicate. Cats can’t meow while they are eating, but a soothing rumble tells their mama and littermates that all is well.) So, when Fluffy makes biscuits, it’s a sign that she sees you as a parent. If those little claws are hurting, grab a pillow, blanket, or even a sweater before settling down.


Why Is My Kitten Attacking Me?


Cats are pre-programmed with both hunting instincts and the desire to explore and find safe places. This means you can pretty much expect your tiny ball of fur to practice her murder skills on you.


This is more than just a fun activity for Little Fluffy. Her instincts go far deeper than just a desire for entertainment. Because cats are both predators and prey by nature, your furry pal will be born with a natural inclination to use all those claws and teeth. (Many scientists are now suspecting that Fluffy is actually the purrfect predator, but that’s another topic.) 


You should definitely play with your kitten: it’s good for exercise, entertainment, and bonding. Just yse toys that you can control remotely. If you play with your kitten with your hands or feet, you are basically just teaching her that she can use you as a toy. Laser pointers, string toys, remote controlled toys, and even balls that you can roll towards her are some good options.


How Do You Make A Kitten Feel Safe?


The big thing is to always treat your pet with love and affection. Talking to Fluffy can help her feel safe. This can also be a great bonding opportunity! It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you are using a friendly tone of voice.


Snuggles also help. Most kittens are quite cuddly by nature. Letting your pet curl up against you will go a long way. Cats crave affection, and most just love cuddling with us. As a matter of fact, snuggling up with your cat releases a special hormone, oxytocin, also known as the Cuddle Hormone, which reinforces feelings of love and security in both of you.


Little Fluffy can be quite rambunctious, but she can also be quite frightened quite easily. Never force attention on her, and don’t hold her if she doesn’t want to be held.


How Can I Teach My Kitten Good Manners?


It may be cute when your pet bites or scratches you, or pounces on your shoelaces, but it will not be cute behavior when the cat is an adult.


If your pet bites or scratches, you’re better off gently rebuking her and guiding her towards more appropriate behavior.


If your feline pal attacks you, reproach her verbally immediately. Be sure to use the same phrases or words every time you tell her to “Put Your Claws Away.” You don’t have to yell at her: just use a stern, disapproving tone. For example, you can say “No” or “Play nice” or “Don’t bite” or “Put Your Claws Away”.


Then, just walk away. she may look insulted, affronted, and confused, but once you’ve ignored your tiny pal for a while, you may also see those little wheels turning. Sooner or later, she’ll figure it out!


If that doesn’t work, the next step is to incorporate something that will annoy your furry friend without hurting or scaring her. You can spray water on her face or blow in her face. Loud noises are also effective. Shake a jar of change, clap your hands, or sound your phone’s alarm.


How Do I Know If My Kitten Is Happy?


Little Fluffy’s physical health will have a significant impact on her mental and emotional health. You can tell a lot about your kitty’s overall well-being by how she looks and acts. If she feels sick, uncomfortable, or hurt, she won’t be happy. 


Generally, if little Fluffy is happy, well, you’re going to have a ball of zoom on your hands. When your kitten is feeling happy and secure, she is likely to be quite playful. Some kittens are braver than others, but most are quite curious. (This is why petproofing is so important.) 


Happy cats also often seek attention from their humans. Your adorable little buddy may follow you around, hop into your lap, and meow back when you speak to her.


Of course, your Ludington, MI veterinarian should be the ultimate judge here. Keep up with those veterinary care appointments! 


Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Do you need to make an appointment for your kitten. Get in touch with your local Ludington, MI veterinary clinic today if you have questions about kitten care.

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