Fall-Time Pet Hazards

Autumn has arrived in Ludington, and with it comes a host of potential dangers for our four-legged companions. Keep your cat or dog safe this fall by avoiding these seasonal pet hazards:

Rodenticides and Pesticides

Veterinarians consistently see an increase in rodenticide- and pesticide-related poisonings in the autumn. This is because these products see greater use as small critters seek warmth inside our homes. The trouble is, rodenticides and pesticides can poison a pet who gets their paws on them! Use these products carefully, and place them where pets won’t have access.

School Supplies

For kids, autumn is synonymous with back-to-school time. Don’t forget that many school supplies can actually prove harmful to pets if they get ahold of them! Glue sticks, markers, pens, pencils, sharp objects like scissors, and more can become hazards. Never leave these items lying about on the floor; keep them secured in your kids’ backpacks, drawers, or otherwise properly secured.

Toxic Mushrooms

While it’s fairly unlikely that your pet will chow down on the 1% of all mushrooms that are actually toxic, it’s not worth the risk. Mushrooms experience peak growth this time of year, so keep your pet away from any and all mushrooms you see in your yard or on your daily walk.

Wild Animals

Wild animal run-ins also tend to increase in the fall. Snakes, in particular, are extra grumpy because they’re preparing to hibernate for the winter. They’re much more likely to strike and bite a pet who stumbles across them. Other critters, such as raccoons and opossums, are active this time of year, so be careful when your pet is outdoors. Keep a close eye on your furry friend and stick to sidewalks and yards.


In preparation for winter, many car owners are adding antifreeze to their engines in the autumn months. Keep in mind that antifreeze is a deadly pet toxin, and pets should be kept indoors while you’re changing the coolant. Clean up any spills right away, and store the chemical properly where pets can’t reach.

Want even more great fall-time tips to keep your pet safe from harm this season? Call your Ludington vet today.

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