Keep Your Furry Pets Safe in Brutal Winter Weather

Your golden retriever Jasper was probably a Siberian husky in another life. Jasper loves his romps in the snow, and he’s especially happy when he dives into a huge snow pile and gets a face full of the white stuff. Since you adopted Jasper in the early spring, though, he hasn’t been exposed to one of your region’s brutally cold winters. Because you want to protect Jasper (and your cat Max) from winter weather hazards, you’ve asked your veterinarian from Ludington for some expert guidance. Read more about pets’ cold-weather hazards.

Frigidly Cold Temperatures

Even with Jasper’s thick double coat, he’s not prepared for subzero wind chills and potential whiteouts. You certainly don’t want Jasper’s paws, ears, and tail tip to receive frost damage. Avoid this problem by getting Jasper a super-warm insulated coat, head-hugging hat, and insulated booties. Even with his expedition gear, though, Jasper’s at risk for early frostbite symptoms. If you notice blisters and waxy-looking skin, take Jasper to your vet immediately.

Potentially Fatal Antifreeze Hazard

Your buddy Jasper’s a wanderer at heart. If he escapes through an open door, and finds a vehicle that has spilled antifreeze from its radiator, Jasper might drink the tasty liquid. If he does, he’ll definitely become very sick and might even die from this antifreeze ingestion. If Max also escapes, he might face a similar fate.

If Jasper or Max takes just a few sips of antifreeze, they’ll appear drunk; and they might even exhibit convulsions. This is a life-threatening emergency, so get your pet(s) to the vet or emergency hospital right now – every minute counts. You can reduce your pets’ antifreeze poisoning risks by keeping them out of the garage and mopping up antifreeze spills quickly.

Harsh Road Salt Problems

To make streets and sidewalks more navigable, maintenance crews often apply road salt to melt ice and snow. While the salt often works, it irritates Jasper’s and Max’s paws. Solve this problem by pulling on Jasper’s booties before his trips outside. Since Max won’t tolerate the booties, keep your rebellious cat inside.

Outdoor Cat Condo Hazards

Max considers himself a lucky cat, as your car hood gives him a great vantage point for watching birds and mice. When it gets cold, though, Max might crawl beneath the hood and stretch out on the warm engine. If you start the car while Max is asleep, he can easily become injured. Before you turn the ignition key, knock loudly on the vehicle’s hood. That should wake Max up and give him time to escape.

When Jasper and Max next visit their Ludington vet, he’ll be pleased that you’ve taken care to keep your pets safe from dangerous winter weather hazards.

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