Tips for Traveling With Your Pooch

Are you planning on taking Fido with you on a road trip? Everyone needs to get away now and then, and it’s only natural for you to bring your canine buddy along when heading out of town. In this article, your local vet Ludington gives some tips on traveling with your dog.

Bring Water

Strange water may cause your pup to get an upset tummy. Bringing several gallons of your pup’s regular water will help avoid any digestive issues.

What To Pack

You may find it easier to put all your pup’s essentials in one bag, rather than haul several small plastic ones. Bring Fido’s food, water, dishes, bedding, and leashes. You’ll also want to pack a few of your furry pal’s favorite toys. Hard copies of his health certificates are also a must. You can also snap pictures of them with your smartphone, and/or email them to yourself so you can access them from anywhere. Also, bring a few clear current photos of your pooch, just in case he gets lost.

What Should Fido Wear?

If you’re traveling in cold weather, bring a doggy sweater or jacket to protect your pooch from the weather. Regardless of whether or not your pooch needs an extra outfit, there are some accessories which are an absolute must. Make sure Fido is sporting current ID tags, and that the contact information on them is current and correct.


Give Fido a bath, or take him to the salon before your trip. Clip his claws as well. Your hosts will be much more apt to fall for your canine pal’s charms if his fur is soft and clean-smelling! Your pup should also be up to date on all shots and vaccines before traveling. Also, verify your pet’s lodging; whether you’re staying in hotels or at someone’s home, be sure Fido will be warm, safe, and comfy.


One huge benefit of crate training is that it makes travel much safer for both you and your dog. Set your pup’s crate up so that he is comfy and secure with his bedding, blankets and toys.

The Trip

If your furry pal gets carsick, you may not want to feed him right before leaving. Make regular stops so Fido can relieve himself and stretch all those legs out.

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