Doggy Dental Care Tips

Do your dog’s teeth look yellow and gunky? Does his breath make you cringe? If so, your furry buddy could be experiencing dental trouble. Dental issues in dogs are very widespread, yet are often untreated. Fido’s oral health is very important to his overall well-being, so you’ll want to make sure that your pup’s mouth is in good shape. In this article, your Ludington vet goes over some doggy dental care tips.

Why Dental Care Matters

Dental care for dogs is far more than a cosmetic concern. Dental issues can lead to several other health problems in our canine friends, including digestive problems, heart and kidney trouble, and even joint issues. This is because infections in Fido’s teeth or gums can be carried through his blood to other organs.

Symptoms of Dental Problems

Bad breath, inflamed gums, and loose teeth can all be indications of dental problems in your furry friend. Visible tumors or cysts, cracked, loose, or missing teeth, bleeding gums, and excessive or bloody drool can also signal dental trouble.

Brushing Fido’s Teeth

The best thing you can do to safeguard your pooch’s oral health is to brush his teeth regularly. It’s best to get Fido used to this while he’s a puppy, but adult dogs can still be trained to accept the toothbrush. Start by getting your furry buddy used to having his lips, teeth, and gums handled. From there, move on to using a doggy toothbrush, which is built to reach those tough spots in canine mouths. Doggy toothpaste is also a must, as human products are bad for dogs. Fido can enjoy toothpaste in yummy flavors like beef or chicken!

Other Dental Care Options

If your pup won’t stand for having his choppers brushed, give him dental treats. These are formulated to help reduce and remove plaque before it hardens into tartar. Chew toys and fresh water are also good for your pup’s mouth. If your canine buddy has a lot of tartar built up on his teeth, your vet can remove it. This will improve his dental health and reduce the chance of Fido developing gum disease. It will also make his breath smell better!

Does your pup need his teeth looked at? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your local Ludington vet clinic, we are always happy to help!

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