Reasons Your Snake Might Not be Eating

It’s easy for snake owners to preemptively assume their snake is not eating right as soon as they notice an untouched meal left in the enclosure. Sometimes, it’s more about the snake being fussy than any underlying health issue. Before you assume your snake is sick, remind yourself of these possible reasons from your Ludington vet that your snake might not be eating.


If your snake has entered his shedding cycle, he’ll probably be irritable and not interested in eating. Try to keep track of your snake’s shedding schedule. If he’s in the midst of it and has left his food untouched, it’s probably just due his discomfort, not any medical issue. Once he’s done shedding he’ll probably be interested in eating again, although by that time you may have to replace the food. Ask your Ludington vet for more information on your snake’s shedding process and how it might affect his appetite.

Problems with the Food

Many times the problem isn’t found in the snake, it’s found in the food. Snakes can be fussy and refuse to eat food that is too cold, not fresh enough, or doesn’t have a strong enough odor.

In addition, if the food is too large it can make your snake unwilling to try and eat it. He’d rather give up than risk eating something so large. Make sure the food you’re giving your snake is the right size—ask your Ludington vet for advice.

Environmental Factors

Environmental changes of several kinds might make your snake anxious or nervous. These can include a change in temperature, being moved to another room, loud noises or vibrations, or the presence of another pet or even another snake nearby. Try to avoid or rule out these causes before assuming your pet is sick.

Health Issues

Of course, if you’ve ruled out everything else, your snake could indeed have a medical issue causing him to not eat. Digestion problems or other health issues might be to blame. If you suspect anything is physically wrong with your pet, call your Ludington veterinarian immediately to get your snake examined.


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