What Not to Feed Your Rabbit

Your rabbit’s diet should consist primarily of hay. Of course, most rabbits will enjoy vegetables and fruits as well, and some are perfectly safe. Others, though, are not safe and should never be given to rabbits. Here, your Ludington vet tells you about some of the more common foods to avoid when feeding your rabbit.


Lettuce of any type should never be given to a rabbit, even though they very well might consume it if it’s available. Lettuce contains a compound called lactucarium that can cause diarrhea, and some rabbit fatalities have even been reported from lettuce consumption. Contact your Ludington vet immediately if you think your rabbit has mistakenly consumed lettuce.

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Parsnips

Other veggies to avoid include cabbage, cauliflower, and parsnips. Rabbit owners and animal health care professionals disagree on broccoli, as some recommend avoiding it and others say it is fine in small amounts. Talk to your Ludington veterinarian to get his or her take on whether or not broccoli is safe for your rabbit.

Weeds and Plants

If you let your rabbit roam free in your garden, make sure no dangerous weeds or plants grow there. Harmful plants and weeds commonly found in gardens include clover, honeysuckle, bluebells, daffodils, ivy, iris, hemlock, foxglove, tulips, and buttercups, just to name a few. Always monitor your rabbit if you let him outside, and check your garden for these dangerous plants. Contact your Ludington veterinarian immediately if you think your pet has ingested anything it shouldn’t have.

High-Carb Foods

Avoid foods high in carbohydrates like bread, beans, corn, nuts, or cookies. Rabbits can’t digest the hulls of corn kernels, and many other high-carb foods just add fat without any real nutritional value.

It can be tricky knowing what to feed and what not to feed your rabbit. It’s best to discuss the matter with your Ludington veterinarian so you know exactly what can go into your pet’s diet. By feeding your rabbit the right foods and always checking if you’re unsure, he’ll remain safe, happy, and healthy.


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