Five Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

It’s estimated that over half of domestic cats in the United States are overweight. If your feline friend falls into this category, you need to take steps to reduce his weight, as obesity can lead to serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more. Follow these five tips from your Ludington veterinarian to help your cat shed the extra pounds.

Visit Your Ludington Vet

Before doing anything, it’s important to visit your Ludington vet to discuss your cat’s situation. It may be tempting to just cut back on food portions and hope your cat gets skinnier, but that method is extremely unhealthy for your cat and could cause more problems than the one you’re trying to solve. You need a weight-loss plan, and your Ludington veterinarian can help you create one.

Choose the Right Food

With your Ludington vet’s help, you must choose the proper food for your cat’s weight-loss program. Whether it’s wet or dry food, your cat needs less carbohydrates and more fat and protein. Cats can’t quickly digest carbs, so they tend to build up and cause weight gain. Do some research to find a good quality high-protein food with minimal carbs.

Don’t Free Feed

Free feeding is the term used when a cat owner always leaves food out for their pet, allowing it to eat whenever it pleases. This technique might be fine when your cat is a kitten, but adult cats can easily overeat and build up fatty carbohydrates. Switch to mealtimes and take the bowl away when your cat is finished eating.

Cut Back on Treats

Cat treats contain a lot of those pesky carbohydrates that don’t do your cat any good. If you tend to give kitty a treat at any old time, try to stop yourself and cut back your cat’s treat intake. Only provide treats on special occasions. Consult your Ludington vet to see what treats are the healthiest and lowest in carbs.

Exercise Daily

In addition to cutting back carbs and upping protein, exercise is needed to complete the weight-loss equation. Encourage your cat to exercise every day—dangle a string in front of him or toss around his favorite toy. Keep your pet occupied for several minutes to give him a good workout. Stop if he seems fatigued.

The tried and true method of proper diet and healthy exercise will help your cat can shed those extra pounds and return to a normal weight. Talk to your Ludington veterinarian about more weight-loss methods for your feline companion.

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